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Speaking doesn’t provide new skills, but it ignites the audience's interest and stimulates development. Speeches are necessary when you are hosting a corporate event or celebration, a strategy session, an open forum or a conference.
Possible Speech Formats:
The Masterclass
A short version of a training course. The focus is on one tool or technique that people need most in the here and now. The level of audience participation can vary.
A business game, a championship, a battle or quiz on a given topic. I introduce people to the rules of the game and moderate the process. The main result is insight and motivation. Secondary - team spirit and rallying the troops. Maximum engagement.
A show with actors and special effects. Spectators are fascinated by what happens on the stage, just like theater. Interaction with them is minimal.
2 hours or less
from 50 to 5000
in-person or online
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Speech Topics
Order one of the existing speeches or have me design a new one for your business needs
Self-presentation in a flash. How to introduce yourself and your business in 30 seconds ➔
Just half-a-minute — and they’re already interested. It’s a short conversation that can be the first step towards a multi-million-dollar contract or great career opportunities.
The Three '"CONS" of Attention. How to attract and retain your audience forever ➔
Here they are — CONflict, CONtrast and CONcrete. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking in public or writing a text, the laws of attention management are the same.
The Lively Presentation. How to Liven up your Next Speech and be Remembered for a Long Time ➔
Live contact with the audience here and now is more important than what is written on your slides. Also, there could be no slides at all. This presentation is based on the training course of the same name.
Speaking Under Fire. How to Speak to Toxic People ➔
Criticism, skepticism, pressure and "difficult" questions are easy to deal with if you master the universal techniques of responding to aggression and verbal attacks. This presentation is based on the training course of the same name.
The Battle for Attention Online: How to Deliver Immersive Webcasts and Virtual Presentations ➔
On the other side of the screen are people you can’t see. Even in conditions like these, you can establish contact, hold attention, engage in dialogue and receive a lively response. This presentation is based on the training course of the same name.
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