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“The Media Man”, International PR Association (IPRA) award

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In the Line of Fire

The art of answering tough questions.

Everyone has to face tricky questions in one form or another. You may get under attack of a negative audience as a public speaker or have your employer, interviewer, or client get really harsh at you. Your ability to answer this sort of verbal attacks is similar to martial arts. This book will help you win the war. You will act more confidently in critical situations where your answer becomes “the question of life or death”.

From this book you will learn to:
  • See what really stands behind a tough question or objection of any type
  • Quickly identify and use the right reaction
  • Enhance the speed and quality of the answers
  • Pre-empt the difficult conversations before they begin
  • Manage a hostile audience and stay in control of any business meeting
  • Overcome indifference, skepticism or aggression
  • Influence bosses, peers and subordinates as part conflict situations
  • Keep the balance, look and talk more confidently
  • Neutralize any verbal attack, build trust and achieve better results working under pressure
  • "After reading Sergey's book, you will understand, there is no such thing as tough questions. There are simply bad answers and good answers. And yes - you are not prepared for a crisis until you have studied every page of Sergey's book!"
    TJ Walker
    president of The MediaTrainingWorldwide
  • "Answering questions, all of them, is crucial to reducing the contention, confusion, and irritation crises cause. In the Line of Fire will help you overcome the toxic effects of not answering the crisis questions that matter, especially to the victims."
    James E. Lukaszewski
    America’s Crisis Guru ®
  • "In a life-or-death situation, under attack on public, you wouldn’t have time to re-think or rewind. So I recommend that you read Sergey’s book before you really need it"
    Marina Rudkovskaya
    HR director of Amway Russia
  • "All the CEOs have to answer questions – from simple to tricky – every day. This book will give you the right recipe to “cook” brilliant answers in no time"
    Oleg Goschansky
    head of KPMG in Russia and CIS

«101 Tips How to Answer Tough Questions»

The bestseller at OZON business books

This book is written for those who want to feel confident answering any questions in front of any audience (text available in Russian only).

From this book, you will learn:
  • How to talk to a “difficult” audience, manage hecklers
  • How to answer aggressive and manipulative questions
  • What to do if no questions are coming
  • How to deal with indifferent listeners, engage any audience
  • How to stay cool speaking under pressure
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  • It’s a great book for those who is getting ready to deliver a public speech followed by a question and answer session. A handful of valuable insights condensed in a compact pocket size book makes it ideal for those who has little time to prepare. Plus you can take it anywhere with you just to refresh your knowledge before an important speech and pull yourself together really quick. The author of this book is a business trainer. Although I usually do not trust people of this profession, after reading this book I was impressed: at least I have no doubts that the author is fully competent in this topic.
    Andrey Sveshin
  • I cannot say that I am afraid of speaking on public, but sometimes it happens that I need to prepare really good not only for the speech itself, but also for answering potentially provocative questions. In this book I found a lot of new and very useful tips and insights. Some other tips just confirmed my own experience.
    Anna Semenova
  • It’s a small, but very useful book. And I would say it is useful for everyone without exception. That’s because everyone has to deal with unpleasant, intimidating or provocative questions coming from different people around us. That said, the primary target of this book are those who speaks on public from time to time. The author is giving valuable insights on how to react to aggressive questions, how to stay cool, how to prepare for questions, and how to facilitate a Q&A session effectively. I am sure that everyone can find a lot of new and useful tips
    Elena Prokofyeva

«The Media Man»

The first book in Russia on how to perform in mass media.
At one time or another, any high-level executive may appear to be a newsmaker. When that happens, his/her main objective will be to communicate the most important things to the journalist. What is it that the journalist needs? What is to be done before, during and after the interview? How to make the mass media your ally? In this book, you will find the answers to these and other questions from the author, as well as from leading Russian journalists and international experts in public communication (text available in Russian only).

From this book, you will learn:
  • How to find that perfect moment when you can address your target audience to the maximum effect
  • How to prepare a media statement quickly and how to give a commentary to the press
  • What to do when the crisis comes and how to act when you are dragged into the information war
  • What are the typical mistakes made by media speakers and what are the strategies you can employ to repair the damage
  • How to get the best results from your press, radio and TV appearances.
  • A very useful book and a pleasure to read – great execution and style and a rare example to a technical approach to the subject. Everything is nicely structured, very much to the point, no high-brow jumble, no boring details.
    Olga Pestereva
    PR Director, SKYLINK
  • “The Media Man” by Sergey Kuzin and Oleg Ilyin is constructed around the three main questions of rhetoric: whom to tell, what to say and how to say it. The first question is the domain of the company’s PR department and if they will readily help the top manager select the “right” media outlet and organize the interview. However, the remaining two questions become a sole responsibility of the speaker when he or she is left to their own techniques in front of the camera or the microphone, and the meticulous journalist. The book appeals not only to those who have to meet the press and give interviews. Any negotiation with customers, or even business meeting with the subordinates, is essentially a public speaking event, and as such, are subject to the same laws that are laid out in “The Media Man” – clearly and with many great examples.
    Margarita Kucherenko
    Director of the bank and branch network development, BSGV
  • I’m very happy to see this book on the market. The thing is, I’ve had long enough experience working “on the other side of the barricades” – in business journalism. When I started working in PR, I read a lot of specialized literature and here is what I found: for many authors writing on this subject, the journalist is essentially a puzzle. It’s great that one of the major parts of “The Media Man” is the extensive survey of journalists that gives a very accurate answer to this fundamental question: “What is it that the press wants?” Besides, the book is full of tried and tested recipes on how to prepare for the meeting with the press, what to do and what to avoid.
    Julia Belous
    Head of media relations, AFK “Sistema”
  • First, the book has tons of good and easily recognizable practical examples. Second, after reading the book it gets much easier to prepare for public appearances and interviews. Third, the book helps to structure your own experience, motivates you again and again to appear before the press, and communicate with journalists.
    Natalia Zhuravleva
    Head of training and talent management, PwC