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Even a simple comment to a journalist over the phone can boost or crash a company's stock, take someone's career to the next level, or ruin a reputation. Knowing what journalists want and how to talk to them can turn the press into an ally and a valuable resource for building your brand.
This training course
will be useful
if you
Appear in the media on behalf of your company
Make comments on TV, radio, press and social media
Or represent your company at forums and conferences attended by journalists
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Receive a consultation
Receive a consultation
You will master the basic formats of communication with the press (phone commentary, interviews, radio broadcasts, TV appearances) and see how your words sound and are interpreted in the media.

The central part of the training course is the MediaDay™ simulation: a press conference followed by a series of interviews with various media representatives.

As a result of the training, you will learn how to
  • Understand what drives journalists and why they can be "difficult"
  • Speak clearly and vividly
  • Avoid distortion in the information space
  • Answer tricky questions from journalists
  • Master the technique of "shock phrases" Increase direct quotation
  • Interact with the press in different formats
  • Feel at ease while talking to the press
  • Look your best on camera
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Apply now!
Training Course Options
Русский или английский
or online
1 person
from 2 to 6 persons
Group Format
from 7 to 12 persons
Full Program
3 days in-person, or 4-6 three-hour sessions online
Standard Program
1 day in-person
1-2 meet-ups for 2 hours in any format
Expanded training option

The expanded version of the course involves ex-journalists — professionals who have worked for publications targeted by your company. During the MediaDay™ workshop, they’ll interview you and then give you feedback based on Next-Day-Coverage™, plus a set of articles and TV spots that would come out the day after the press talk if it were real.

Supplemental Materials
  • Media Man: Technologies for Impeccable Performance in the Press, on Radio and TV ➔
  • Speaking Under Fire. How to respond to complaints, criticism and tricky questions ➔
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