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Live contact with your audience here and now is more important than what is written on your slides. In addition, you could probably do without slides entirely. This training course will help you break through indifference and skepticism, command undivided attention, captivate and convince.
This training course
will be useful
if you
Perform in various formats - online and offline
Encounter an indifferent audience
Discuss difficult topics
Want to add some sparkle to your presentations without going overboard
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You will learn how speakers on the level of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, construct their speeches, and how to use their secrets in practice. The training course contains dozens of video examples of the best (and worst!) speeches from TED, Atlantis, Synergy and other forums.

You will witness verbal "combat" situations first-hand, evaluate more than 15 performances according to the EPI (Effective Presentation Index) system, and receive 360° feedback based on videos from the coach and your colleagues. And most importantly, you will see the difference between "before" and "after" in your own presentations as soon as the first few hours into the course.

As a result of the training, you will learn how to
Prepare more quickly for any presentation
How to hone your delivery: look, gestures, and voice
Organize your material into an interesting story
Tailor your style and presentation delivery to different audiences
Establish a rapport with your listeners in the first 30 seconds
Keep their attention until the end, even if you talk for more than an hour
Manage the energy in the hall, and direct a complex discussion
Answer tricky questions, and quickly parry criticism
Effectively and effortlessly interact with your audience
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Apply now!
Training Course Options
and English
or online
From 1 to 5 persons
from 6 to 12 persons
from 30 to 5000 persons
Full Program
3 days in-person, or 6 three-hour sessions online
Standard Program
2 days in-person, or 4 three-hour sessions online
1-2 meet-ups for 2 hours in any format
Expanded training option
The expanded version. Expanded training includes ➔
  • homework assignments between check-in meetings
  • written feedback from the coach to each participant (in groups of up to 12 people)
  • writing and analyzing case studies from the customer's own working practice
  • prepping for actual presentations, including run-throughs with video-based feedback
  • expert support in a closed group setting via messaging app (WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • consolidation of material in the form of interactive testing
Participants in the expanded training will receive ➔
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