How to overcome
and skepticism
Video presentation
of the training course
The more important your presentation and the more status your audience has, the more likely you are to face criticism, pressure, and “hard” questions. This training course will give you effective techniques for responding to any verbal attacks addressed in your direction. You will be able to quickly parry criticism, take a hit and save face even in the most critical situation.
This training course
will be useful
if you
Defend ideas and projects in front of those who are initially opposed to them
Speak to a high-status audience: bosses, clients, investors, shareholders
communicate one-on-one with a negatively-minded interlocutor
Are required to regularly answer difficult questions in public
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Receive a consultation
Receive a consultation
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You will receive a universally applicable scheme for responding to criticism, uncomfortable questions and pressure. Learn to apply it as freely and creatively as possible in verbal "combat" situations. Your answers will go from being formal to sounding natural. You will be able to fend off criticism and still be yourself.

In the training, I use dozens of video examples of the most successful and the worst answers to "difficult" questions from famous people - from Warren Buffett to Vladimir Putin.

As a result of the training, you will learn how to
Understand what the critic or skeptic really wants
Quickly determine the best way to respond
Find the right words in a difficult situation
Manage the course of communication to a negatively inclined audience
Anticipate attacks before they happen
Fend off verbal attacks, save face and be yourself
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Apply now!
Training Course Options
and English
or online
From 1 to 5 persons
from 6 to 12 persons
from 30 to 5000 persons
Full Program
2 days in-person, or 4-6 three-hour sessions online
Standard Program
1 day in-person
1-2 meet-ups for 2 hours in any format
Expanded training option
The expanded version. Expanded training includes ➔
  • homework assignments between check-in meetings
  • written feedback from the coach to each participant (in groups of up to 12 people)
  • writing and analyzing case studies from the customer’s own working practice
  • prepping for actual presentations, including run-throughs with video-based feedback
  • expert support in a closed group setting via messaging app (WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • consolidation of material in the form of interactive testing
Participants in the expanded training will receive ➔
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