The Battle
for Attention
How to maintain
your audience
on the other side
of the screen
Video presentation
of the training course
In the age of Zoom, telecommuting, webinars and online conferences, it’s harder than ever to connect and force yourself to listen. Often, we don’t even see the other participants in a virtual meeting, and we don’t understand how they react to our words.
This training course
will be useful
if you
Hold online meetings with partners or clients
Present at webinars and online conferences
Organize online webcasts, conduct webcasts on social networks
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As the host of an online presentation or moderator of a virtual meeting, you will face all kinds of challenges on the air: technical problems, passive audiences, difficult questions, chatroom chaos, overly talkative participants and more.

This training course will help you keep your audience’s attention during online communications, and to receive more feedback from the other side of the screen.

You’ll get a complete set of tools to resolve all these problems. You’ll be able to upgrade your skills in parallel mini-groups, get feedback from your colleagues and the trainer, and show improvements as the course progresses.

As a result of the training, you will learn how to
Feel free and confident in front of the webcam
Behave properly on screen, to use good posture and make use of gestures
Organize your material into an interesting story
Manage your energy and voice
Establish a rapport with your listeners in the first 30 seconds
Anticipate technical issues and deal with them quickly
Persuade and evoke emotions in your listeners on the other side of the screen
Show slides, taking into account the peculiarities of online perception
Interact your with listeners, encourage questions and actions
React to non-standard situations during an online webcast
Elegantly seize the initiative and manage a virtual discussion
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Training Course Options
and English
from 1 to 5 persons
from 6 to 12 persons
from 30 to 5000 persons
Full Program
6-8 three-hour sessions online
Standard Program
3−4 meet-ups for 2−3 hours
1−2 meet-ups for 2 hours
Expanded training option
Expanded training includes ➔
  • homework assignments between check-in meetings
  • written feedback from the coach to each participant (in groups of up to 12 people)
  • writing and analyzing case studies from the customer’s own working practice
  • prepping for actual presentations, including run-throughs with video-based feedback
  • expert support in a closed group setting via messaging app (WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • consolidation of material in the form of interactive testing
Participants in the expanded training will receive ➔
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