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  • The Vivid Presentation

    The art of delivering messages that resonate

    “Success is a product of interesting thoughts, multiplied by the ability to deliver them

    How to make serious presentations more engaging? How to speak more vividly, and get the desired reaction on the spot? The goal of this training is to help speakers make more spectacular, yet no less compelling, presentations, when time is short and the stakes are high.

    As a result of this training, the participants will be able to:
    • Look at themselves from the outside and determine their strengths and weaknesses
    • Learn how to follow the effective step-by-step preparation guidelines
    • Choose their style and line of argument depending on their audience
    • Establish contact with the audience within the first 30 seconds and hold it until the end of the presentation
    • Control their body language: movements, posture and gestures
    • Handle the “difficult” questions from the audience effectively
    • Use visual aids professionally
    • Make their presentations lively and fun

    During the training, participants will be able to give more than 15 presentations, and give feedback to each other based on the EPI (Effective Presentation Index) system. The secrets to outstanding presentations from the best speakers – from Barack Obama and Steve Jobs to Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill – will help the participants to expand their own array of techniques for a truly effective performance.

    Duration: Duration: 2 days
    Language: Russian or English
    Format: open-enrollment or corporate
    Audience: all level employees delivering presentations (groups up to 12 people)