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    The art of making your data speak in pictures

    “It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove” Antoine de Saint Exupéry

    How do you make a presentation that sounds and looks professional? How do you make the complex appear accessible, and the routine appear striking? How do you create 1 effective image out of 1000 words and figures? The purpose of this training is to make your slides, videos, handouts, and more importantly, to make the presenter work for the result, not against it.

    As a result of this training, the participants will be able to:
    • Make their presentation look professional
    • Deliver complex ideas in a short and accessible way
    • Adapt their presentations according to their goals and the audience
    • Structure the presentation in accordance with the laws of perception
    • Use a wide range of tools visualizing their ideas (including the principles of infographics)
    • Manipulate the elements and their location (text, images, photos, graphs, charts)
    • Create more punchy headlines
    • Follow the rules of visual representation (templates, fonts, color schemes, etc.)
    • Observe the principles of slide composition
    • Speak with slides more effectively

    The examples of typical mistakes and best practices will help the participants to understand the difference between “before” and “after” in their own presentations. The use of video recording and feedback from the colleagues will let them review their own performances. The spirit of competition will provide for a dynamic drive, through the course of the entire program.

    Duration: 2 days
    Language: Russian or English
    Format: Corporate
    Audience: employees responsible for preparation of presentations, including the preparation of slides (groups up to 12 people)