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  • The Media Man

    Keys to personal success in the public arena

    “Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity” Oprah Winfrey, talk show host

    What needs to be said? What needn’t? Where to look? What to do with your hands? What to wear? How to react to a provocation? One word said at the wrong time or a gesture made rashly, may cost you a great deal if you’re being watched, listened to, or read by millions. The goal of this program is toarm the speaker with a full array of tools he or she may need to talk effectively to the press, be it a short phone comment, or half-a-day recording in a TV studio.

    As a result of this training, the participants will be able to:
    • Better understand the hidden agendas that drive journalists and why they can be so “difficult”
    • Grasp the specifics and inner workings of TV, radio, newspapers and new media
    • Speak clearly and concisely in order to avoid being misrepresented by the media
    • Handle the “inconvenient” questions more effectively
    • Get their key message across to the target audience
    • Master the “soundbite” technique in order to increase the probability of being quoted
    • Avoid the journalists’ traps effectively
    • Perform in various formats (one-on-one interviews to press conferences)
    • Manage their emotional state, and look top notch doing it

    During the 2 days of training, the speakers will master the skills of communication with the press, in different formats: comments by phone, one-on-one interviews, radio interviews, TV appearances, etc. The life-like atmosphere of the training is maintained thanks to the MediaDay simulation (the press conference followed by a series of interviews from real representatives of radio, TV and newspapers). Feedback is given based on Next-Day-Coverage™ – an assortment of articles and TV spots that would be published or aired the next day, if the press conference had taken place in reality.

    Duration: 2 days
    Language: Russian or English
    Format: Corporate
    Audience: key speakers of organizations, press personnel, PR-specialists, communication directors (groups up to 6 people).